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ZYON - Blister Pack Inspection System

Zyon is a state of the art development by Jekson for the Inspection of Blisters-Pack for non-fill detection and other types of product defects.

It is a smart camera-based system with onboard processor and controllers capable of providing 24 volts I/O directly to the machine.

Types of Detection:
Zyon can be installed on all types of packaging machines; with either continuous or intermittent web movement and typically the formed blister containing product is inspected prior to the sealing station.

It can also be used as a secondary inspection system on certain type of blister to re-verify the blisters after sealing.



During production, each blister can be checked against the following criteria:
• Presence / Empty Pockets
• Breakage / Fragmentation
• Correctness of Shape
• Size – Oversized / Undersized
• Position / Placement

Depending on the base film, illumination can be selected along with various filter combinations.


Product Features:

Wizard Based Operations:
Simple operations through wizard for ease of use of the system during teach-in & productions.

Intelligent Software is provided for quick and efficient learning of the sample products.

Statistics: Comprehensive production statistics and fault diagnosis.

Sequential Teach: The vision system learns from a sequence of multiple images to obtain the best tolerance settings and compensate for runtime variations. Intelligent software significantly reduces the teach time by auto extraction of information.

Operator Friendly: A single click can select and start the inspection of previously saved models. Unlimited number of models can be saved in the database.

Cable Break Fail Safe Rejection Mechanism: Each good product will provide a signal to the PLC, which will accept the product. Upon rejection, no signal will be provided and the machine will reject the defective product. This provides a wire break fail safe mechanism.

Auto Reject When System Down.

FDA (21 CFR Part 11) compliant.

Multiple Reject Tracking / (CFR) Audit Log : Report various alarms for machine interlocking and production / rejection limits.

Independently Mounted without reliance on external controller or processor.

Onboard Controller for independent functionality.

Trouble Shoot: Trouble shoot console for enabling/disabling Input/Output connected to the system. Standstill simulation for taught models for verification of proper teaching.


Download Technical Specifications


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