A number of inspection system for all kinds of syringes, needle containers, vials, blisters, ampuls and labels can be connected in a totally modular fashion. The system is equipped with a high resolution and high speed, color or black and white camera. It is able to detect very small color differences and missing products at full production speeds. The inspection system can be mounted on all types of packaging machines; with either continuous or intermitted web movement. The inspections can be performed equally well on blister packs and cartons. The modular concept makes it possible to increase the processor speed in order to accommodate future increases in production rates.

It is also possible to detect broken objects caused by handling and assembly operations. Micro cracks can be detected with the use of a high- resolution camera. For each defect detected a machine-stop signal can be provided. Alternatively, the stop signal can be programmed to activate after a predefined number of consecutive errors. The image processor treats every pack as a bad one until passed by the system. This means that all of the inspection procedures have to be followed before a pass signal is given to the machine. The processor is also able to place the inspection results in a shift register, which makes it possible to delay the ejection of the blister or carton by a predefined number of cycles. The control signals for the ejection station can also be provided by the system. The software keeps records about the number of inspected packs, as well as the nature of detected defects and the number of times they occur.


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