The word in house, when it is used related to organization or company matters, it refers to activities that are happening or done by employees inside organization or company itself.

Training is activity of teaching, explaining and information sharing about technology, software updated, how to operate machine to employees and customer specifically how to do a perticual job more effectively and efficiently

Jekson Vision provide online as well as off line training to customer as per customers' requirements, We also help employee and customer to update about New Technology and Innovative product, as we have 24 x 7 Customer support, which will be cost effective, customized, flexible.

We provide the various forms of AMC to our new and existing clients, Any electronics product required timely service so that your systems will function Properly. As per contract, our engineer visit apart from any problem and routine Preventive maintenance. Standby Support: If any of your parts are not working and it has to take to Service Center. We providing Standby support. So that breakdown time of your Machine is minimum.

We usually have the AMC for 1 Year and can be extended as per requirement; it includes repairs and replacements of faulty parts. Having the contracts gives the benefits such as consumables (which are not part of contract) being available at reduced costs. However, in some cases, few parts are replaced during the visit by service engineer when it is mentioned in AMC contract that limited parts would be replaced.

Company shall assist customer in any external audit like MHRA, FDA etc., on request

Company shall organize training program to increase effectiveness of system operation for operators either at customer side or company's side.

On successful completion of training program, participants will be provided training certification

Installation And Validation
With more than 5000 successful installation globally, we meet the task of designing and delivery for various kind of results on jekson Vision's Machine, our design team is also in touch with customers to ensure perfect spares part, we provide comprehensive package of documentation for on-site validation procedures. Various solutions are available to suit different customer needs. In the pharmaceutical industry, validation involves documenting the trials and tests which prove that a process produces a product which complies with particular specifications and quality attributes. The validation of a production process must provide evidence that all components of the equipment or plant used are designed and manufactured in compliance with documented quality criteria.

Validation is the documenting of the trials and tests which prove a process that produces a product, complies with particular specifications and quality attributes. This means that all components of the equipment or plant used and manufactured are in compliance with the documented quality criteria.

Online Technical Assistance
We provide Online Technical assistance - 24 x 7 with CCD -

24 x 7 online support over phone - +91 9374168622

    Software verification
    Camera setting verification
    Lens setting verification
    Filter setting verification

    System functioning
    Interfacing system

Operator and engineer training

We provide spares and make sure quick delivery of any component to be replaced, and quick replacement to maintain inventory of spares, pre recommended spar is supplied with machine, our spares compliant with 21 DFR 11. Jekson Vision make sure of any work not suffered in case of machine breakdown, recommended spare part that goes with the machine, our In-house system reduce the delivery lead time and fast replacement


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